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Our Work

Past Projects

1. Takeover Day – This has been an annual day for young people to ‘takeover’ different professional roles within the Leicester City Council. There has been a lot of support for this event and the Young Advisors have had increasing participation over the last 7 years. Roles offered to young people on this day include: Lord Mayor, Councillor, Senior Officers and Wardens.

2. Take the Risc – Take the Risc was one of the Young Advisor’s biggest campaigns to raise awareness about sexual health. Young Advisors went into schools to speak about the campaign, but also organised flash mobs in Leicester City Centre and even attended local music festivals such as Strawberry Fields where they promoted sexual health awareness to thousands of young people over a weekend.

3. Consultation of the Children and Young People's Plan review - we provided focus group sessions with the officers responsible for updating and reviewing the city's Children and Young People's Plan, we followed it up with a presentation to the Children's Trust Board about what we thought of the plan and what we thought a good plan should include.

4. National Citizen Service - we worked with Catch 22 on the first ever National Citizen Service that ran during the summer of 2011. We supported the recruitment of young people from across the city, we were also peer mentors while young people were on the programme, and we delivered evaluation sessions throughout the course of the programme. We also attended national focus sessions on the future of the National Citizen Service and we gave our honest opinion on what we thought could be improved.

5. Education and Children's Department Staff Conference - we were invited to support the staff conference that took place at King Power Stadium in June 2012. Young Advisors and members of Leicester City Young People's Council facilitated roundtable discussions with staff about their practice and supported them to reflect on the presentations that were delivered.

6. Truth about Youth - some of our Young Advisors took part in a national focus group about the Truth about Youth Campaign. This was an opportunity for us to get our voices heard and discuss with other young people how our image needs to be changed.

7. Safe and Sound – We worked with University Hospitals Leicester to find a way in which hospitals can be adapted for 16 and 17 year olds. This commission involved inspecting both Paediatric and Adult wards and A&E areas to see what there currently was and how it can be improved. The commission also involved speaking with staff members to understand more about how they felt about the situation and any ideas they had. The commission culminated in a presentation to senior staff at UHL and our suggestions were taken on board when they applied for more funding.

8. Drug and Substance Abuse – This commission involved Young Advisors posing as young people with drug and alcohol abuse problems and mystery shopping local services that offer help to young people. The idea of this was to get a better image of how well services are currently working for young people and how the YA and Leicester City Council are able to improve accessibility to these services for young people in need.

9. LSCB Shadow Board – This commission involved several board meetings with Leicester City Council staff and other professionals to work together and discuss experiences which can be used to help strengthen general safeguarding throughout the city.

10. School Nurses Commission – This commission focussed on mystery shopping school nurse services throughout the city to ensure they were working well for young people. One key service was the text message service that school nurses are now offering and Young Advisors worked with Leicester’s Young People’s Council and Leicester City Council to see how well these new services are working and what can be done to improve them.

11. Summer Youth Provision Tender – This commission involved the Young Advisors sitting on panels along with senior staff from Leicester City Council to give out tenders for summer youth provisions across the city. This was a big piece of work and a lot of responsibility but the Young Advisors did well and took a lot from it.


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