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Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is one of our most popular services and our Young Advisors are nationally trained in mystery shopping and how to evaluate the mystery shops. We are able to mystery shop various services and in the past we have mystery shopped drug and alcohol abuse services, sexual health clinics, children, young people and family centres and school nurses.

Mystery shopping allows any commissioner to really test their services with young people to help evaluate how effective their services really are. We aim to help not only in the short-term but the long-term too and this would include reporting back to the commissioner, including suggested next steps and how Young Advisors Leicester are able to help with the process.

At the moment, Young Advisors are one of a very small number of organisations that offer mystery shopping by young people for young people' services. We are proud of our track record on mystery shopping and we hope to continue this service on for a long time as the results are seen quite quickly and the direct impact made is why we offer these services.

If you would like more information on mystery shopping, please contact us.