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Before you look at our commisisoning process, please take a minute to look at what others had to say about us

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Interested in commissioning the Young Advisors

The Young Advisors are young people aged between 15 and 21, who stimulate social action by showing community leaders and decision makers how to engage young people in community life, local decision making and improving services.
Working through a social enterprise model, we deliver public service reform helping direct limited resources to where it is needed most.
We could assist you and your organisation! If you want to use our services it couldn't be easier!
See below the timeline so you have a full understanding of how quickly things can start to happen!

If you want to find out more information about the Young Advisors Leicester or projects we work on do not hesitate to get in touch! Also for more information on how to commission us to do work for you then please do call.

We can support any of your projects, or lead on policy development within your organisation. Please download the Young Advisors Initial Contact sheet, fill in all the sections with as much detail and return it to

Ways to get in touch

Email us on

Call us on 0797 634 8206

Young Advisors Leicester, Youth Involvement Office, Town Hall, Town Hall Square, Leicester,LE1 9BG

@YALeic or